Triple torta

Porch Light: Great Latin Food

Latin food is not very common around Atlanta. . If you’re a kid who loves chicken, tacos, and rice and beans, you’ll love Latin food. It’s almost like Mexican food’s taller cousin. Therefore, when my mother asked whether I wanted to go to a Latin restaurant for lunch, I immediately […]

Bishoku sushi

Bishoku: I Love Sushi!

       After a long day of sports and volunteering, it’s good to have a relaxing night out. Tonight, I’m hitting the town with my grandmother. Despite an option of pizza, I chose sushi. Isn’t that what all 14 yr old kids do? Sushi PLEASE! We decide to try […]

Ginger Teriyaki schnitzel w/ cucumber salad and sweet potato fries

7 Hens Schnitzel

I’m back! And I brought schnitzel with me! What’s schnitzel, you ask? Well, it’s not the name of the little dog down the street, what you say when someone sneezes, or one of Santa’s reindeer. It’s chicken pounded flat, breaded, seasoned, and fried. This is where you convert your chicken […]

Savory Chicken Sliders with Goat Cheese and Figgy BBQ Sauce

I’ve spent a week preparing for this. I got myself hooked up for a 2-minute segment for GPB in their pre-game show before the Etowah v. Walton game. I can’t really root for either one, but I can cookup a great tail-gating meal! I have the recipe for the dish […]

The No. 4 Chicken Burger

Burger Time! Farm Burger

  My family and I went on an amazing boat trip on Lake Allatoona with a family I met that day (we had met before, but I don’t remember them. I was too little). We swam, knee boarded, and tubed to our hearts’ content. However, you’re not reading this article […]

Shabu-Shabu Time!

Nakato: Atlanta, GA

   This past Saturday, my mother and I went on a little mother son date night. In my family, that means good food aaaand… I got lost at good food!  A week before (she’s that considerate), my mom booked a hand-picked dinner at Nakato in Midtown Atlanta  via Scoutmob. You got […]

Falafel from Rumi's Kitchen

Rumi’s Kitchen

    Our family is growing! Aside from kids getting taller, we recently welcomed our new baby cousin to the family! This was the first hospital visit for me, that I can remember that is (I have two younger siblings but was pretty young when I went to visit my […]


Black Sheep- Blue Ridge, GA

This Saturday, I spent some well-deserved quality time with my dad up in Blue Ridge, Georgia. We mountain biked up rocky trails. Hardest darn thing ever! However, it was very fun and I enjoyed the downhill segments. So naturally, I got a little hungry after doing such a rigorous activity […]